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This is the fastest growing internet based business opportunity available anywhere in the World. It's unique and will quickly generate a viable and attractive business for any highly motivated entrepreneuer.
David Claxton, CEO Trivaeo

Online Business - your addressable market

Do you want an unfair share of $26 Billion?
  • Global CRM Market Size by 2020


    Global Industry Analysts Inc
  • Of this the Leading Players Market Share


    Salesforce - Microsoft - Oracle - SAP
  • CloudWorksIT Total Addressable Market


    Most of the global Applications market for CRM and ERP is not owned by industry giants!
    CloudWorksIT is in the 54% left over!

Online Business Opportunities

CloudWorksIT is a real chance for you to tap into a 26 Billion Dollar global market. This is the ultimate small business that you can run from anywhere that is also a global business. The franchise like model we offer provides you with 65 bonded and unified applications that you can bundle, package and sell wherever you like!  Any industry, any sector, any geography.

Our figures are pessimistic....Research and Markets recently published a report indicating that the global CRM industry is expected to reach $81.9 billion US Dollars by 2025.

Be your own Boss - here's your market

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CloudWorksIT provides you with a very strong portfolio of applications in the CRM business space.  You do not need any technical knowledge to tap into this market, just the desire, energy and commitment to sell

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

CloudWorksIT provides you with a very strong portfolio of applications in the ERP business space.  You do not need any technical knowledge to tap into this market, just the desire, energy and commitment to sell

CloudWorksIT is a mix of 65 applications that you control, bundle, mix and package as you see fit. They cross all genres across CRM, ERP and go well beyond those 'sectors' into cool business applications like eHuman Resources Management, Projects Management, Asset Management, Document Management, Collaboration, Risk Management, Accounts Management and so much more. Use your imagination and industry knowledge to bundle them together and sell them to your clients on a recurring monthly revenue basis

What will you be marketing and selling?

Franchise Opportunities

USA Franchise Opportunities

Claim a State
Sell locally and globally without restrictions

UK Business Opportunities

Claim a Region
Sell locally and globally without restrictions

RoW Business Opportunity

Rest of the World
Select a preferred Country and sell locally and globally without restrictions

How to start a business

  • Apply for your preferred region, state or country
  • Receive full formal training and assistance in preparing your new cloud based business
  • Pick and Mix across 79 enterprise applications, bundle, package it your way, put a price on it, market & sell
  • Each time you sell, the sale repeats each month
  • We handle all the billing and payments for you
  • Sell anywhere you like in the world
  • Cooperate with our existing global Business Partners
  • Full coverage of the entire global CRM markets
  • Strong coverage across the global ERP market
Franchise Opportunities all over the world

Online Business Opportunities - how does it work?

Buying a CloudWorksIT based business is very easy. You pick a State in the USA, a County in the UK or a Country for the 'Rest of the World' and this becomes your preferred business 'area'. Then you undergoe a period of training to help you master the cloud based technology we provide for you. We do all the hosting, billing and technical bits. You then bundle and package CloudWorksIT applications together, as you desire and market them in your home area or you can do so globally without restriction.  When a client signs up to use one of your packages you get 70% of the license revenue per month. If you sell one of your packaged applications to a client in another 'partner business' area then you get 50% of the license revenue and the other 'business partner' gets 20%.  This allows you to sell locally or globally with margins unheard of in the industry!
How does it work?

Be Your Own Boss - Business Revenue Distribution

Sales in your own preferred area

70% Margin

Sales in another partners' business Area

50% Margin
Another way to look at this, is that you receive 20% of the margin of any other business partners sales that occur in your chosen territory. You get this without having done a thing to create the revenue!  It is your choice if you wish to limit your sales activities to your 'home-turf' or to think globally and create the ultimate online 'global' business.  It doesn't have to stay small for very long either!
Online Business Opportunities - Be your own Boss

Online Business - What do you have to supply?


Well, you need energy, passion, belief, motivation, commitment, desire and a willingness to succeed. A solid baseline of knowledge in owning and running a business in the past will go a long way but is not a prerequisite. We provide all tools, training and online infrastructure you need to succeed. The rest is down TO YOU.

  • Billing

    Provided automatically by CloudWorksIT

    Payments System
  • Administration

    Provided automatically by CloudWorksIT

    Business Dashboard
  • License Inventory

    You don't buy these up front, you pay for them once you've received payment from your clients, so no upfront license commitments in any form

    User Entitlements

Business Entrepreneur? - The following skills and experience will help you

You will do really well if you have a background in any of sales, marketing, business development, Human Resources, Asset Management, CRM, ERP, Manufacturing, Retail, Travel, Hospitality, Document Management, Private Sector, Public Sector, Construction, Finance, Insurance, Banking, Government or if you have run a business in any form in the past.  CloudWorksIT applications will fit into any industry vertical so your own specialist background can really help you to hone and targeted market strategy. You will be provided with all the training necessary to succeed. The technology is already well proven and the market is massive.  The only thing between now and success is your energy and commitment. Our existing business partners with strong skills in Information Technology, managing and creating web sites, advertising, marketing, social & digital engagement boasting a general familiarity with 21st Century online community building and commerce tend to get to market fastest. We provide all necessary training so do not worry too much if you don't possess all the prerequisite skills. We are more concerned about your attitude than your immediate aptitude. Those with a hunger to succeed do very well.

We favour the following types of applicants

Individuals with experience in sales, software sales, software solutions, CRM, ERP, consulting, business consulting and professional services.

You will be capable of demonstrating both experience and the desire to run a global small business

Franchise Opportunities - What do you need?

Online Business - what applications will you market?

79 different applications make up the 'building-blocks' of the CloudWorksIT program across 20 or so 'genres' in CRM and the ERP market space.  They are all 'bonded' and 'linked' to each other and can be packaged and bundled together by you to create whatever you like from a functional perspective across the following broad application sectors;


Customer Relationship Management

High quality sales and marketing automation


Bringing Teams Together

All you need to create, edit, access, automate, share and store information across an entire enterprise

Service Desks

Full Service Desk Management

A complete set of applications to manage an enterprises full service related processes both internal and external in nature


Document Management

Applications that enable the uploading, storage and retrieval of any digital content across an enterprise

Contract Management

Not just storage!

A suite of applications that enable an enterprise to manage all of its contracts, including the ability to automate the workflow and tracking of contracts as they are negotiated and age



Enterprises need to manage customer facing services and functions that require the full coordination of multiple resources into a single plan


Human Resources Management

A detailed set of applications that allows an enterprise to manage its staff, holidays, expenses and timesheets!

Asset Management

Asset Tracking Applications

This is a full on-line suite of applications that help enterprises manage, track, maintain and support their assets to ISO 55000 guideline standards

Projects Management

Handle big projects with ease

This suite of CloudWorksIT applications enables an enterprise to manage entire programs and details projects up to ISO 21500 standards

You should note that you will have zero integration overheads. No technical skills are required at all. We do all the technical work for you. You package, position, market and sell your application 'packages' to your chosen market. Each of the 'suite' elements above typically contains many 'bonded and integrated' applications.  Each of these can be bundled together and packaged by YOU and sold distinctly for a price per user per month, or a price per company per month. It's totally up to you.  Using the applications and their ability to be packaged and bundled easily means you can create packages that are EXACTLY what any target audience by industry vertical would need; for example; a suite of applications for builders, another suite for plumbers, another set for a manufacturing company and yet another for recruitment consultants. 65 x 65 variations on a theme; 4,225 bundling options in total!
Online Business - what apps will you own and sell?

Franchise Opportunities - Technical Skills?


You DO NOT need any technical knowledge to be a competent online business owner with CloudWorksIT. You administer your packages and your clients with a simple and easy to use dashboard.  You will receive ALL the training you need to establish your new business and will be guided through the process of creating 'packages' and shown how to market them, sell them and deliver on a social and digital engagement strategy that will help your business grow

Technical Skills

Online Business Administration - Be your own Boss

CloudWorksIT Administration Panel

A view into the Admin Panel

Administration is Easy!

Using a simple administrative dashboard you can manage your clients, packages and applications.

It's all cloud based and is available online all the time.

No software to install, no downloads and no hassle!

A view of the package administration panel in CloudWorksIT.

Hover over the picture for a view of how easy it is to select 'applications' that make up each package!

Be your own Boss

It is a real and tangible online business opportunity

No Buildings Required

Work from Home

This is a work from home business opportunity if you so desire or prefer

No Stock Required

No upfront Costs

Our billing system automatically bills your clients every month for what they are using and have licensed. All distribution of margins occurs automatically. You don't have to do any invoicing or collections. You get paid automatically!

No Assets Required

No Hidden Costs

You don't need a Van, expensive equipment or materials. You are provided everything you need including as much training as necessary to ready, launch and run your business

CloudWorksIT even provides an online domain for use by your business with Wordpress or Joomla CMS already installed ready for you to update with your packages and begin selling, for example here's one of our business partners in action at Arcusapps in the UK or SWJ Enterprises in New York State

Online Business Opportunities
What do we do for you?

Manages a Global Cloud Infrastructure

We keep it all running
CloudWorksIT keeps the systems up and running in multiple data centres conveniently located around the world to support your clients

Develop new applications

We engineer, construct, develop, test and release new applications in an agile method with a new global release every 2 weeks

Support and Care

Centralised help desk
We provide top down support to all Franchisees and end user clients across the entire solution all over the world


Keeping you updated
We provide regular training sessions, one-on-one or group based across all Franchisees to share best practices, what works and how to continue developing your business

Social Engagement, Digital and Marketing Support

Global Air Cover
We provide franchisees with global air-cover support across all facets of social and digital engagement and can help you to craft and execute on genre specific advertising and sales campaigns

Your Web Presence

Your own dot com
We provide sub-domains for each franchisee to showcase their own applications; or we provide you with the technical support and guidance necessary to set up, operate and run your business on your own under your own domain brand and web site
But, most importantly, our business partners also get

A full blown and unrestricted instance of the CloudWorksIT framework for their own use to run their own business from absolutely free of charge! Of course it fully supports lead generation, marketing and sales campaigning and includes powerful features like web-to-forms that capture and record leads for you automatically!

Online Business - you are not on your own

Example Online Business Revenue Models

A pessimistic model

franchise opportunities with an online business revenue model (pessimistic)

1 new user per day. E.g one order for 30 users in each calendar month
Each new user committing to spending $25.00 per month

A balanced model

franchise opportunities with an online business revenue model (balanced)

3 new users per day. Eg 3 x orders each for 10 users
Each new user committing to spending $25.00 per month

A balanced aggressive model

franchise opportunities with an online business revenue model (balanced aggressive)

5 new users per day. Eg. 3 orders for 50 users each
Each new user committing to spending $25.00 per month

An aggressive model

franchise opportunities with an online business revenue model (aggressive)

10 new users per day. Eg 10 orders for 30 users per month
Each new user committing to spending $25.00 per month

Online Business - Example Revenue Models

How much does an online business cost?

"Given the massive size of the market and the amount of it available to CloudWorksIT this is not a question about the cost of doing it, but the cost of not doing it!"

Dave Tidwell , Chief Operating Officer
The pricing shown below is short term and is for 'early adopters'.  Giving this some thought? Move quickly before this insane business offer closes!

USA Franchise Opportunity

Per Preferred State

$19,495 for the Business
$5,395 Training
$5,000 fund to support launch

UK Franchise Opportunity

Per Preferred Region
£14,995 for the Business
£4,500 Training
£5,000 fund to support launch

Rest of the World

Per Preferred Country

€/$19,495 for the Business
€/$5,395 Training
€/$5,000 fund to support launch

Only 1 state, region or country (as applicable) may be purchased by each owner. To check on the availability of local language support in your preferred country please contact us.  For details of the available states, regions and countries please see the main menu links by area at the top of the page.

Trivaeo is able to give consideration to staged payment plans for the financing of the purchase of a Franchise. Please ask us for details

Low enough to qualify as a small business opportunities franchise

How much does it cost to buy an online business?

Low Cost Business Opportunity

The cost of purchasing a global business opportunity with CloudWorksIT is so low it classifies as a 'Low Cost Business'. Would you rather own a global software as a service business with access to 10's of Billions of Dollars or a car-cleaning, window cleaning or greetings card business on tiny margins?  Our prices will not stay at this level for very long. Act now or be forever disappointed! The contractual framework model we use is really easy too as it is based on a perpetual right-to-sell under a franchise model. Getting started and up and running couldn't be easier.
David Claxton, CEO
Franchise for Sale - Cost

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