VC Funding will be the deathbed of SaaS

...if this madness continues!  Sometimes as a leader of a small to medium business it feels really good to have made decision in the past that are subsequently proven to have been right.  In recent breaking news (September 2017) it was announced that Turn/River (Venture Capital) were now the new owners of Huddle.

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Olderpreneurs or just Recycling?

An article I read by Eric Johansson today in Elite Business Magazine amused me and I wanted to give my take on this phenomenon he calls “Olderpreneurs" Eric takes the figures from the banks and shows that the larger percentage of new business start ups are now made by people over the age of 55 and he extrapolates that these people are deciding to start businesses because they want to break down stereotypes etc etc. He wheeled out Comments on the research by Ian Rand, chief executive of Barclays Business Banking,  as he says: “It is fascinating to see this new emerging trend of ‘older’ entrepreneurs. At a time when they could be planning for retirement, the over-55s are utilising their skills by putting their wealth of experience and business knowledge to use, breaking down stereotypes in the process.

”I’m sorry, but is this banking Dinosaur so out of touch that he can’t see the truth as it stares him in the face or are they just typical platitudes from an overpaid executive that has no connection to reality?

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My search for the best business opportunity of 2017

I recently searched Google for “The best business opportunity of 2017”.  I was shocked to see that there are 91 million search entries. Do 91 million people honestly think that their business is best?  With so many great opportunities out there, why on earth am I so worried about finding the right one?  Surely there is more opportunity than people?

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What is Entrepreneurship?

Have you ever watched ‘Dragons Den’, this is where budding entrepreneurs get three minutes to pitch their business ideas to five multimillionaires who are willing to invest their own cash to kick-start the businesses in the original 'Shark Tank’?

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Ideas to start a new business

After I was freed from the incarceration of the Corporate World and after the cold turkey come-down from my addiction to my monthly pay cheque subsided I started to search for ideas of how to start a new business of my own.

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Employment stole 30 years of my life

When I finished my education, I worked abroad for experience.  But I was wrongly imprisoned for something I didn’t do.  Because of that mistake I have lost nearly 30 years of my life and I am so angry.  I want that time back.

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