Employment stole 30 years of my life

When I finished my education, I worked abroad for experience.  But I was wrongly imprisoned for something I didn’t do.  Because of that mistake I have lost nearly 30 years of my life and I am so angry.  I want that time back.

What was the thing I didn’t do that I was imprisoned for? 

I knew you would ask that first.

I didn’t read enough books.  I thought my education was finished and I stopped learning.  I didn’t have any idea about the thousands of opportunities around me and I was oblivious to the World of entrepreneurship.

Where was my incarceration?

Because of my ignorance, caused by my inability to read books, I was locked in the confinement of large corporate business as a wage slave for 28 years.  They fed me with a drug that made me loyal to them and the more of the drug they gave me, the more I needed.  Yes, I was a drug addict as well.

What is the most addictive drug?

A wage.  Once you become a wage slave and get used to the addiction of a regular pay-cheque, it is nearly impossible to get out.

Digging tunnels

I discovered books in the 1990’s but it was too late. The boredom of my imprisonment caused me to look for an escape and I did start to buy some excellent books that helped me a little.  So, I started to dig tunnels.  Lots of tunnels.  But, each time I dug a tunnel my prison guards filled them in and they collapsed under more pay for more international work and job title jiggery-pokery!

Being loyal to “da man”

Da man made me work for him for years and I made him richer than god.  The deals I arranged and the amount of business I created for da man over those years was eye watering.  He took me to events where I was further hypnotised to be loyal to his cult.  But I read a book one day that changed it all.  The author of that book has, sadly, since died, but he asked the question.. “If your colleagues won a million pounds on the lottery this weekend, would they be in work on Monday to see how you are doing?”  Exactly. There was no such thing as loyalty in the corporate World.  As soon as I realised that I was only there to LEARN.  Life changed for me.

It’s not always life imprisonment

I started to learn all I could about how to run a company and how to build business.  I sucked every bit of knowledge from my jailors and spent my time making myself ready for life on the outside.  Then, at that time, I stopped working for them and started working for me.  The funny part of corporate life then hit me.  It doesn’t matter if you do nothing all day for them if you look busy.  So, this enabled me to re-double my efforts and I made myself redundant.  As far as they were concerned I was surplus to requirements.  But I created that picture.  I made them release me.

The first day of the rest of my life

On the day, I was released from prison, they didn’t even warn me it was coming.  I was invited to a board meeting in Guildford and was expecting to see all my “Management” chums in the room.  As I walked in I saw only an attractive HR lady and a box of tissues. The meeting with my Boss was to be via a video conference, where he told me that the cult and I had started to want different things from life and I had to go.  After the call my attention was drawn to the HR lady and her brown paper envelope.   Ah, my “package”.

My last job

To be fair to my evil hosts, the package was decent and the HR lady asked me “David, how are you feeling?”  
Then I said: “This is the last job I will ever have”
She pushed the tissues over the table toward me and exclaimed, “David, it’s not that bad. There will be plenty of other jobs for you out there!”
Then I smiled and retorted “You don’t understand…This IS the LAST JOB I will EVER have”. 

Books to read

There are five really excellent books to assist you on your path to freedom.  I would recommend each of them, and, each of them are particularly great when accessed through the “Audible” (Amazon) product.

  1. How to get rich – Felix Dennis
  2. The millionaire Fastlane – MJ DeMarco
  3. The Dip – Seth Godin
  4. All in Start up – Dianna Kander
  5. Entrepreneur revolution – Daniel Preistley

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