Starting a small business

It is becoming well known that the two founding Directors at Trivaeo have a distaste for large Global businesses.

“It’s not just the lack of choice for consumers that really bothers me” David Claxton CEO of Trivaeo adds.  “It is the lack of respect that these organisations have for individual consumers”.  Claxton continues:  “As an example, many industries are so tied up nowadays by big businesses that seem to be allowed to copy each other’s pricing without any real competition, and they operate with the poorest, most careless service levels imaginable, with real impunity, in the knowledge that the client can’t go anywhere else and expect to see a better service.  The consumer is trapped with two choices: Both owned by Hobsons!”

Trivaeo believes the time has come for the “GSM” (Global Small Business).  The convergence of technologies has now created an environment where any small business can look like a large company.  More importantly, any small business can now take on the giants that dominate every industry.  The Global Small Business is going to give consumers real choice and start to disrupt the status quo to such an extent that business rules will be re-written.

“This is the era of the GSM” says Pat Graham, Trivaeo CTO.  “Businesses that have the highest respect for their clients and offer the best service levels at the most competitive prices are now often created from start up to high success in just a few months.  By using business automation products the whole process of serving clients has been given a new feel and just good enough is now not good enough”.

Graham continues to say that “these Global Small Businesses will gradually nibble away at the soft underbelly of the giants and soon, no matter how much marketing spin they buy, their poor service will be the death of the monolithic monsters”.

Make no mistake about it. This is a very real change in circumstances and a massive shift in power that has been created by the merger of people, process and technology.

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