Own and Run your own Global Business from Home

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Growing at 15% per annum
Total available market is $25,000,000,000

Work from Home

No offices or buildings required
Work how you want, when you want


No specialist skills required
Are you comfortable with the Online Digital Economy? Step right in


Revenues grow month by month
Subscription based sales model that drives client retention

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The business opportunity pivots around a suite of 79 business applications that cross the Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resources and Projects Management ecosystems to name just a few.

The applications as a whole represent everything that 90% of businesses would ever need to support their own activities with clients, suppliers, contractors and their own staff.  Yes, there's a lot there, but it is not daunting or intimidating.  Please enquire to learn more; we can show it to you and answer all of your questions.

You are looking to start a new business because you may have realised that having a job is not what you wanted. But what sort of business to choose?

If you want to start a new business that has a real chance to create significant wealth there are five things that the perfect business needs. Without any one of these 5 things, your business will not bring you the rewards you deserve.
  • Demand
    The Products and Services you sell must have a real need from your clients. Look closely at the market and decide if your potential customers really NEED your product or service
  • Scale
    You must have the ability to scale up if you want. A Local business might be able to scale to your County, but can it scale to your Region, the rest of your Country or Internationally? If not, a small pond will only ever provide limited fishes.
  • Time
    Can you stop trading TIME for money. When you trade time for money, you don’t have a business, you have a JOB! Develop a business that will work when you are sleeping.
  • Control
    Are you in control of your own business? With most Franchises, the answer is “No”. You need to have control over your marketing, your brand, your pricing and your operational choices
  • Unique
    Is there a barrier to entry to others? If not, are you just starting business that anyone else can copy? You need to find a business where the number of other people doing exactly the same as you are limited.
The CloudWorksIT Business satisfies every one of these basic business start up “Commandments”

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